Web Developer
Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

My Commitment

I am committed to doing my very best in any situation.
I am committed to becoming an resource to my team and an asset to my employer.
I am committed to being respectful and courteous to others.
I am committed to further expanding my knowledge in Web Development.
I am committed to staying up to date with the current technological trends as it relates to Web Development.


Coding is what I do! I love spending my free time coding and just testing out new technologies. When I'm not at the movies or playing video games, you can find me in front of my computer.


I love movies! I'm a big fan of the Marvel Universe, DC Universe, and any movie that has Kevin Hart in it. You can count on me to be at the midnight showing of the latest blockbuster release!

Los Angeles

I'm a lifelong gamer. I've been playing video games since the first Nintendo, up to today's Xbox One. My favorite games are Call of Duty, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. Watch out for my Kirby!

My Skills

To the right is a list of the programming languages I have experience using and the level of knowledge.

  • HTML 5 - 85%

  • CSS 3 - 80%

  • Sass - 10%

  • JavaScript - 50%

  • JQuery - 55%

  • Angular - 20%

  • PHP - 60%

  • MySQL - 50%

  • Wordpress - 75%

  • Photoshop - 85%